1. Boss RC30 loopstation – This loopstation is an awesome bit of kit! It has 2 synchronised stereo tracks which have an enormous amount of looping time (3 hours). It also has built-in loop effects which means there is no need to go and buy another piece of kit as it has all the effects you are going to need, such as Bend Down, Step Phaser, Sweep Filter, Tempo Delay and Lo-Fi. You can input your guitar or any  piece of equipment which runs a ¼” jack or even your microphone through the RC-30 balanced XLR input. It also has a USB input which allows you to import/export WAV files. This powerhouse loopstation boasts boss’ entire range of new feature which are guaranteed to improve your performance. Or if you wanted something a tad simpler, you could go for the RC3 which is a single stereo track looper. It still has 3 hours of studio recording time as well as the rhythm features of the RC30. This stompbox is much more portable as it is smaller but still packs a powerful punch!


  1. Boss ME-80 – This guitar fx pedal has almost too many on board effects! Its got everything and more you will need from a stompbox. It’s got a built-in pre-amp, EQ, Reverb, Compression/FX, Overdrive/Distortion, Modulation and Delay. All of the fx are completely customisable and have many modes. The pedal has 36 pre-sets which are completely customisable, whist also having space for 36 new tones which you can enter and change at any time. This also has an expression pedal which allows you to change of much of the effect you hear which is a feature that makes this pedal board stand out from the rest. In addition to this you can plug in your favourite mp3 player that has your music on and jam along to it. This piece of kit will most definitely wow anyone who hears it and is a worthy investment.


  1. Boss SYB-5 – The SYB-5 faithfully reproduces the classic sound characteristics of analogue synthesizers with enhanced punch and power. It has 11 DSP variations of saw, square, and pulse synth waves which means that you are able to control what type of sound you get. Enhanced Wave Shape mode provides sharper sounds, hold notes with the on-board pedal and jam over the top, you can also control filter cut-off and LFO (fancy words for what sound gets heard and what sound doesn’t) rate via EV-5 Expression Pedal (sold separately) which is an awesome extra which really allows you to take control of your sounds.

Billy Debenham High School (work experience week July 2014)

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