So it turns out Yamaha had the secret to the home amp all along. And now being a proud owner of what I consider the best value for money home-amp / interface on the market. I can write this review in complete support of the slice of genius that sits proudly (and comfortably) on my desk. I’d like to add it’s one of the most used tools in my studio.

Within the lightweight and aesthetically pleasing THR10 (third-amp/home-amp), there is a dangerous arsenal of crystal clean, crisp crunch and scorching lead sounds. Not to mention one of the best reverbs that I’ve heard that isn’t tucked away in a boutique guitar pedal.

On top of those 5 already diverse channels, there’s the added bonus of having 3 extra channels for your bass, acoustic guitar or just a flat mix if you’ve got preamp / pedals etc.

So what are we actually working with?

3 band EQ (Bass, Mid, Treble), gain structure for each channel. A vast range of rich modulations (Trem, Chorus, Phaser, Flanger). Tight delay and like I briefly mentioned earlier on, a reverb that can be as delicate as your Nan’s China plate-set, but can turn around and give you a deep sea of reverb that’s so foggy and heavy, you could get lost for hours.

And another little diamond feature is that you can save up to 5 user presets. So once you’ve found that sweet spot, you’ve got it forever. Not forgetting the greatest invention in the world, Tap Tempo and a built-in LED tuner.

Nice bonus of auxiliary input and the option for headphones for silent practise. I use mine mainly for recording, as it also doubles up as a recording interface, so it’s a great pleasure and time saver when it comes to recording high quality guitar tones that I can come back to within a click of a button.

While the THR10 is the ‘all-rounder’ home amp, there are ones that Yamaha do that are specifically aimed towards other styles. The THR10X is equipped with deadly gains for the metal-heads and you’ve got the THR10C for some beautifully boutique blues.There is also a smaller THR5 and an acoustic THR5A version…so something for everyone!

Overall, this is a neat, clever and sophisticated bit of gear that I strongly recommend. I haven’t regretted a moment with it.

*UPDATE!!  Yamaha THR10II and THR10II Wireless now in stock!

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