So I’ve just sat down in front of this beautifully crafted piece of engineering by Yamaha and I’m genuinely struggling to fathom the words to use and comprehend even where to begin…

Let’s give this a go then.

The best place to start would be the first thing your eyes and fingers capture; the keys. Hidden under the sliding cover are 88 gorgeous matte-finished, synthetic ebony and ivory topped piano keys, all the white ones being made of actual wood. To the far left, an LCD screen with the brain inside it and to the right, the power and volume fader. Beneath the keys and above your left leg are dual headphone ports, an auxiliary input and device / host USB connectivity.

Within the first Bsus9 chord I laid down, I could feel hear the clarity, feel the rumble and see that I was sitting in front of some magnificent technology. Fully-weighted ‘GrandTouch’ keys made it feel so natural to express my own dynamics without fault to the music. You know you’re working with quality when not only is there nothing limiting you, but you actively notice an improvement in your playing.

So what toys do we have to play with? 36 voices high quality voices like Yamaha’s own CFX Grand, the legendary Bosendorfer and numerous more ranging from smooth Stage Ep sounds to hair-raising strings. I rapidly realised I could personalise the feel and tonality of the 675. I shifted the voice onto the bright and present ‘Rock Grand’, minutely lowered the brilliance, drenched it in an ethereal Cathedral reverb and (this was my favourite part) changed the weight of the keys to ‘Soft Touch 2’. It was like playing with feathers under my fingers: beautiful.

After a few rounds of the 2, 4, 6, 3 progression I was wielding, I wanted to take it to the next level. I dropped my finger on the ‘dual / split’ option and out appeared the smoothest swell of strings perfectly accompanying the ballad-esque sequence I was riding on.

It gets better. I set the BPM to 70, selected ‘16Beat’ and the drums lift me into another dimension, almost making this experience become 4D. I cannot express enough how satisfying this Clavinova is to the ears.

I recorded the piece so far (piano/strings/drums), then added an Upright bass to the mix and after I let that run over a couple of times I stepped back from the instrument whilst it was still playing composition and simply basked in the epicosity.

This thing is immense. I recommend this to anyone looking for not only flawless technology and a grand sound, but an eye-capturing piece of furniture too. If I were Beethoven, I’d take off my wig to the genius sitting before me.

Congratulations Yamaha, you’ve nailed it again.

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*UPDATE July 2020* Brand new Yamaha Clavinova 700 series coming soon! Please call for details.

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