Acoustic amps are great for lots of instrument, not just an acoustic guitar. Wide-sounding, acoustic amplifiers can give woodwind players the bellow they need, the violinists the heavy reverb to make their high E soar and a drummer the feeling of a thousand men marching in unison. Acoustic amps are also brilliant for your electro ukuleles and of course for singers!

Now let’s look at what amps are available. Fender have a whole range of amps they call the ‘Acoustasonics’ coming in a wattage range from 15 right up to 90. The Acoustasonic 15 being a nice little amp with an XLR / microphone input with built-in chorus; ideal for the beginner / bedroom players. The Acoustasonic 40 and 90 get a bit more serious with multiple speakers, far larger choice on tonality and a much wider sound.

But a later model they released called the Acoustic 100 is the stand out for me. It’s immense. 100 watts of unbridled enthusiasm coming through 1 x 8″ Whizzer Cone that sounds as wide as the World Web, yet so delicate to the touch; you can hear every movement your fingers make. It has a sophisticated design that’d fit in any living room and also look equally at home on a stage, where if you were to ever need more than your 100 watts of euphoria, you can line out into a PA via the XLR outputs waiting in the back for you. You will also find yourself elbow deep in the on-board effects, including the hall and room reverb, the ‘vibe’ (chorus) and delay to make playing just that little bit more fun and give your instrument that little edge of playability. Sorry to keep going on about it, but it is bloomin’ brilliant.
Another important thing to mention is that majority of these amps will have to USB to host connectivity, making them all USB interfaces within themselves so you can record straight from amp to computer. The Acoustic 100 also has headphone port for silent rehearsal and an auxiliary input so it doubles up as a gorgeous looking stereo for those chilled Sunday barbecues or just there to play your dinner playlist when you’ve got your friends over.
Next up, the Roland AC-33, now this one is another good-looking amp that your other half may not even notice in the house it’s so sleek. 30 watts of beautifully rich and warm sound from your instrument. It has a built-in looper (mental), and a stunningly wide ambient reverb and luscious chorus effects to accent your playing to a whole other level. All neatly topped off with a tilt-stand and a beautiful Rosewood unit so it slips in with the furniture at home like an absolute treat. The AC-33 can also be battery powered so perfect for outdoors too!
Next on the list is the Yamaha THR5A which is extremely portable amplifier (battery or mains) and USB interface. On there you’ve got 5 different microphone preamps at your disposal from Dynamic mics to condensers. Also a beautiful plethora of modulations, reverbs and delays to play with until your heart’s content.
Another ace acoustic amp is the Loudbox Mini by Fishman which punches out 60 Watts of depth and clarity from its single 6.5″ woofer and single 1″ soft dome tweeter. Built in reverb and chorus allows you to get creative with not just your line-out instrument but your vocals too!
To conclude, if you’ve got any sort of acoustic instrument, whether it be guitar,woodwind, strings or percussion, grab yourself an acoustic amp and have endless hours of fun getting creative with your instrument and all the effects / tones you can make.
Pop in for a chat, a jam and hear all the options that are at your disposal. The possibilities are endless!

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