With our store just a stones throw from some of Ed’s first ever gigs we are very proud to stock Sheeran by Lowden Guitars here at Music World in Ipswich!
One of the worlds most popular singer/songwriters paired with one of the finest guitar luthiers-the new Sheeran by Lowden guitars truly speak for themselves! Crafted sustainably in the UK (from trees that have fallen naturally) with premium tone woods these stunning guitars are perfect for the stage, studio and great for life on the road!

After spending a bit of time with each model it’s clear to see that the stand out feature of these guitars is the quality. Each guitar is finished beautifully, they have a smooth satin finish on the body and neck which allows the stunning woods to breathe and project a natural/earthy tone. When you hold the guitar close to your body and strum out an open G chord you can just feel the resonance of the instrument as it totally fills the room you’re playing in. Furthermore the sustain is just awesome, chords ring out for days and fingerpicking/melodic playing is hauntingly clear and crisp. All of the guitars are extremely versatile in terms of tone with either solid spruce or solid cedar tops.

The guitars all feature an ebony fingerboard and bridge which is a lovely contrast to the lighter colour of cedar/spruce tops. Add in a one-piece mahogany neck and beautiful curved headstock design and these guitars simply ooze class from the first glimpse! On some of the models you get a bevelled edge for comfort on the side of the instrument, by adding this slight contour to the edge of the guitar it allows your arm to sit more smoothly at an angle alleviating any chance of the guitar digging into your forearm, not only is this feature practical but it also looks really slick! These instruments couldn’t be more comfortable to play, straight out of the box I was delighted to see the action/string tension was perfect across the board! From the top to the bottom of the neck these guitars are a joy to play – so whether you’re chugging out open chords or delicately picking higher up the neck you’ll find that you can really ‘do it all’ on these guitars!

The electro-acoustic guitars in the range feature a fantastic LR Baggs pickup system which elevates the guitar to a new level, with the simple volume/tone control panel placed subtly within the sound hole and the input jack integrated into the strap button you maintain all of the magic of a ‘truly acoustic’ guitar – and you also get the most beautiful, crystal clear tone which retains all of the intricacies and minute details of the natural harmonics/overtones from the guitar! Personally I love a bit of reverb/delay – so a favourite amp setting for me was to plug the S-03 in, with the tone rolled off slightly to give a bit of a warmer sound, and then dial in plenty of hall reverb and a touch of delay (give that a try if you want to be utterly consumed by a wall of sound!) In true Ed Sheeran fashion, I also put the guitar through its paces in terms of percussive sounds, again the LR Baggs preamp continued to impress by supplying me with plenty of bass resonance when tapping the body of the guitar and also projected that classic snare sound when hitting the muted strings – perfect addition to looping! This guitar would be ideal for stage or studio whether you were running through the preamp or mic’d up.

Highlighting some other points; all guitars come equipped with two strap buttons (not always found on acoustic guitars these days) which is great if you’re standing or want a more upright playing position (electro models have a lovely aged brass strap button/input jack which makes a nice change from the standard nickel) There is also a ‘re-stringing protector’ provided which protects the body when restringing which is a nice touch! Each guitar comes complete with a fantastic padded gig-bag which provides a neck support inside the case alongside back straps and lots of pockets for accessories.

When Lowden approached us we embraced them with open arms and couldn’t be happier to be the only dealer for Sheeran by Lowden Guitars in Ed’s home county of Suffolk! I highly recommend all guitar players of any age/level to pop in and have a try of these exceptional guitars! They really are special and I honestly don’t think there is anything out there at this price range that could beat it!
A beautiful acoustic guitar, made in the UK with sustainable materials – what’s not to like!?

We have the complete range in stock and we will be doing regular orders with Lowden to make sure our shelves are full! Check out the links below to view the individual models and also head over to our Instagram/Facebook page to hear them in action!

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*UPDATE: ‘Equals’ Limited Edition Now In Stock!

*UPDATE: ‘Tour Edition’ in Stock!

*UPDATE: Awesome having Ed visit us here at Music World recently! Thanks Ed!



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