Hercules GS414B Plus Guitar Stand

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Hercules GS414B Plus Guitar Stand



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  • Height 960-1150mm (37.7-45.2")
  • Weight 2kg (4.4lbs)
  • Base Radius 310mm (12.2")
  • Folded Size 732x115mm (28.8x4.5 ")
  • Load Capacity 15kg (33lbs)


Specially Formulated Foam rubber is used on all the contact points between the stand and your instrument.
The folding Auto Grab System holds your instrument on the stand. Flip the AGS up into place. To pack up, pull out on the sleeve and fold down.
The Auto Grab System is driven by the weight of the guitar or bass. When placed in the yoke, the housing slides down, rotating the arms to secure it. When you are ready to play, lift up and the AGS automatically releases!
Grab the Comfort Grip and raise or lower the stand to the desired height. A locking pin prevents slipping and provides solid and stable support for even your heaviest instruments.
  • The upgraded Auto Grip System accommodates a wider range of string instrument neck sizes from 40mm-52mm (1.57 in – 2.05 in).
  • The included NINA™(Narrow Instrument Neck Adjustment) is specially designed to increase the thickness of AGS arms to hold instrument neck sizes as narrow as 28mm(1.10 in).
  • Easier adjustment, the Instant Height Adjustment Clutch with locking pin adjusts stand height in a snap!
  • Stronger grip on surfaces, the upgraded Foot Pads increase ground friction to provide maximum security for your instrument.