Aulos 211A Robin Tenor Recorder

Aulos 211A Robin Tenor Recorder



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  • Length: 622mm
  • Material: ABS Resin
  • Fingering: Baroque
  • Scale: C
  • Windway: Straight, Three Piece
  • Colour: Brown, Ivory Mouthpiece and Footjoint
  • Included Accessories: Leatherette Bag, Cleaning Rod, Removable Thumb Rest, Joint Grease


The Aulos 211A Robin Tenor Recorder features a slim design and comfortable playability for the advanced musician. The 211A’s body produces a clear tone whilst being made of a durable ABS material. This model has a slim design which allows you to easily reach to the keys, whilst still producing tonal depth. The response is light to provide expression as well as being suitable for both solo and ensemble use. The 211A also includes a leatherette bag, removable thumb rest, cleaning rod and chart.