Thomastik Dominant 135 4/4 Violin String Set

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Thomastik Dominant 135 4/4 Violin String Set



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  • Winding
  • A String: Aluminium Wound
  • D String: Aluminium Wound
  • G String: Silver Wound
  • E String: Aluminium Wound
  • Gauges
  • A String: 5.5 KG
  • D String: 4.1 KG
  • G String: 4.4 KG
  • E String: 7.2 KG
  • Material
  • A String: Synthetic Core
  • D String: Synthetic Core
  • G String: Synthetic Core
  • E String: Steel Core (Ball End)


The Thomastik Dominant 135 4/4 violin string set has a versatile sound with multiple materials that provide a warm, clear tone. Thomastik’s synthetic strings are resistant to change from humidity which provides durability and reliability, as well as having the tone of real gut. The E string has a steel core for sustain and increased volume. For versatile strings with strong overtones a mellow sound, the Thomastik Dominant 135 4/4 set is an ideal choice for live, studio and casual violists. Included in this set are the following strings; 130,131,132,133.