Legere Alto Saxophone Signature Synthetic Reed, 2.0

Legere Alto Saxophone Signature Synthetic Reed, 2.0



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Légère uses polypropylene to make both single and double reeds. Polypropylene is a common, non-toxic polymer with applications in food containers, packaging, rugs, and many other products. Unfortunately, ordinary polypropylene is not nearly stiff enough to make saxophone and clarinet reeds. They just wouldn’t vibrate. To make the plastic much stiffer Légère puts it through a process called orientation. This is the secret to creating Légère reeds.

Polypropylene does not have to be preconditioned before playing nor does it absorb any water. It is completely non-toxic, highly durable and can be easily sanitized with warm water and a mild detergent.

The Signatures are roughly 80% the thickness of a good cane reed, but are made from a much stiffer material. This allows for a freer vibration which results in wonderful overtones.

All Légère reeds are cut from our own unique polymer on a 3-axis, computer numerically controlled (CNC) cutting machine. Each reed is individually strength tested, delicately sanded and packaged by hand.